HD Steel Company, top management as our company is located in steel industry, performing at national and international services to future generations a habitable environment and natural resources to:

Recycling, reducing waste and prevent environmental pollution by providing

Exhaustible natural resources properly the using

Comply with legal and statutory requirements

Enhancing the environmental awareness of our employees

Environmental performance to be in constant communication with the interested parties affected by

Continuously improve the effectiveness of standard comply with the requirements and the environment, environmental policy.

Project Charles service consist of:

+ Steel structure Design and Design

+ Steel Structure Static Accounts

+ Steel construction Combination and preparation of Detail Drawings

+ Steel structure Cost accounts and quantityof Done

+ Structural Accounts Needs To Be Made Of Reinforced Concrete

+ Concrete-Steel Composite Structural Accounts Needs To Be Done

+ Steel construction Manufacturing and erection works

What kind of Changes we are interested in:

+ Industrial Structures

+ Storage Buildings

+ Factory Buildings

+ Sheds

+ Multi-story Steel Structures

+ Steel Parking

+ Steel Roofs

+ Steel Sheds

+ Steel Canopy Structures

+ Sport Halls

+ Reinforced Concrete Structures

+ Concrete-Steel Composite Structures

HD Steel, as kosher as official Projects, engineering and manufacturing provides technical support about the details.